Myōth Signature Apothecary Bottle with Crystal Dropper

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Have you admired our bottles but can't part with your existing skincare routine? Decant or blend your own oils into our elegant glass stopper bottles with crystal wand droppers that blend gracefully into any space. Subtle, yet stunning. The hand-sculpted crystal wand is a crystalline, plastic free alternative to single-use threaded caps and synthetic dropper bulb. 

Extract a precise amount of drops out of a bottle... and beautifully cap the bottle when not in use with the wand or the stopper.

Simplify your oil application with a beautiful tool and smooth motion, and use the sphere and wand to massage the skin in gentle, stone-cool sweeps and circles.

*Holds 75ml of oil or serum.

**This tool is hand-carved, and each one is naturally unique, with slight variations in sphere diameter.

Our high-quality hand blown borosilicate glass bottles use ground glass closures (no plastic components) and withstands intense temperature changes, so that after you have finished your oils, you can easily boil to clean and reuse the bottle.

Label-free: no fix-it messaging, no branding.

Our Crystal Dropper Wand agate material is ethically sourced in Indonesia by an artisanal miner, extracted with hand tools in the crevices of volcanic formations. The material is then crafted in small batches by our artisan in the same locality.

The diverse colors and opacity levels shift within these agates, making each wand a unique work of art.

- As a plastic-free dropper for oils and viscous serums

- Facial massage tool: after applying your oil, use the large end to glide in small gentle circles around the face.

- Facial reflexology tool: use the small end for targeted reflexology zones.

Color Snowcap White

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See the set in use in the video below:

We chose all glass to eliminate plastic completely, but we choose borosilicate for the following reasons: 1) completely safe and nontoxic, and does not leach 2) Unlike standard type III glass, it’s resistant to thermal shock. So when you decide reuse the bottle, feel free to boil it. 3) Because of the thickness we are able to achieve with this type of glass, it’s 30% lighter than the ubiquitous boston round in a comparable size.

We don’t brand our bottles. We love our logo, but you probably don’t care to see our name every time you lift the bottle. There is enough constant, subliminal exposure to branding, marketing, and messaging throughout any given day.

Your space is sacred.

We encourage reuse and that’s the second reason why we keep our bottle unbranded. You’ll like it better unstamped. We dream that one day your bottle will be considered “vintage” or “antique” and be truly functional in any number of uses around the home.

A Grounded application

The slow pour

The old-school pour. It's such a simple thing, yet it's hard find a skincare option out there that doesn't have a complicated plastic pump or bulb dropper or a spray. Are all the little parts really necessary?

It takes a little practice to get the tilt, but more so it just takes presence.

Sometimes rather than innovate we just need to strip away the over-complications.

An enduring alternative.

If you typically use a dropper, our hand-carved crystalline facial massage wand functions as one, making it effortless to lift and dispense a precise number of droplets into your hand. It also doubles as a facial massage tool.

Ethically sourced and artisanally carved, this design serves multiple purposes and can endure use upon use over time. Our crystalline wands have never seen the inside of a factory and are carefully cut to minimize wastage.

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