Your Body is a Temple

Give yourself a sacred space.

Skincare, tools and crystals for introspective moments.

We believe your vanity table can be transformed into a sanctuary. We call it the Āra.

Āra/aara/noun [Latin = altar, home, refuge, protection, sanctuary]

An Āra is a sacred space that elevates your being, and invites you to reflect, re-center, and re-align.

Elements of an Āra


What if the time you spend on your daily beauty routine could be subtly shifted so that it was spent as a deeper reflection of your whole?

Vessels and Tools

How would it feel to have tools and vessels that blended beautifully into your space, handmade with materials that aligned with your values?


What if you slowed down to connect with Earth's rawest elemental beauty and found it reflected within you?


A minimal skincare practice to restore your skin's resilience, soothe your nervous system, and invoke sensitivity to your inner worlds.

Skincare that respects your nervous system

Plastic-free. Multipurpose. Unbranded. Soothing potions for your skin and hair.

Discover Dermis

Skincare is psychological.

A skincare routine is often where we spend some of our most intimate moments with... ourselves. Moments that literally shape our self-concept. Unfortunately our surroundings during those moments are often littered with fix-it messaging that sells us a problem and a solution. Not only does that weaken our self-worth, but it keeps us distracted and in our head instead of getting grounded and comfortable in our skin. We wanted to create an alternative that helped us drop into the body and out of our heads.

Skincare expresses values.

The things we place around us are subconscious reflections of ourselves, and often the materials and ingredients of our most used objects are misaligned with our values. Our nervous system interprets incongruous behavior as a layer of shame, which can cause us to feel dis-embodied and distanced from sacredness. For products that we all engage with so often, we feel strongly that skincare should be offered in materials that can be endlessly re-used, with natural ingredients that are healthy for us and the earth.

Skin is the exchange.

Skin is the interface between our environment and our inner worlds. It’s built to serve as a plane of exchange between those two physical realms. On a metaphorical level, the skin is the perfect symbol of the boundary we can create around a sacred space.

When we are in tune with our internal world, and align our actions with her, our exterior self thrives.

"Super high-quality, incredible brand that creates a space for daily connecting with all that you are."

- Chelsea, Reiki Master & Licensed Massage Therapist, Four Seasons Spa

"Equilibrium is the cornerstone of my minimalist vanity table."

- Jessica

"I love the Shroom Serum. The subtle scent feels extracted from nature. The consistency is perfect and makes my skin smooth and hydrated. What is more, the beautiful bottle makes sense to leave on the counter."

- Chicako

100% Clean + Sustainably Sourced

There are no parabens. silicons, artificial fragrances, petroleum, sulphates, phthalates, PEGs, DEA, TEA, or any other chemicals in our skincare. Made with ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted, or natural, cruently-free and sustainable.

Small Batch

Our dermis products are lovingly crafted in small batches by hand with proprietary formulas that have been carefully created and tested for optimal efficacy.

Plastic-free and reusable

Part of our mission is to continually push the envelope of skincare industry packaging. All of our bottles, stoppers, droppers and facial tools are entirely plastic-free. We keep them unbranded and beautiful so that you'll love using them over and over.

Equilibrium - Face and Hair Oil

$85.00 USD

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The Mineralium

Crystals that enhance your space,
pull gently at your perspective, and take you to another dimension.

Enter otherworldly Landscapes

Elevate your space

with intensely beautiful, high-quality crystals.

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